The Tropenas Company is a holding company providing Private Equity, Engineering and Best-Practices to mid-market companies and developers. Among our energy and healthcare industry focus, we operate our Solar Energy affiliate as a separately owned entity considering solar’s current and expected growth.

Our private equity team puts together investors and firms looking to expand their markets or enter emerging markets. We also specialize in acquiring and maintaining solid firms that lack sufficient legacy planning and could benefit from the stability offered by Tropenas Company’s history of operations.  We cover a range industries including renewable and traditional energy, solar energy, natural gas, refining and processing, manufacturing, and healthcare technology information systems among others.

Mastered by hands-on experience, our executives understand the art-versus-science aspects of business restructuring. Our Best-Practice Advisory Services group focuses on improving corporate performance rather than just financial engineering. We offer sector expertise, operational insights, exhaustive business plan development, and exemplary corporate governance controls.

Tropenas Company Profile

Tropenas Converter Company, the predecessor corporation, was founded in New Castle, Delaware in 1888. Originally the developer and erector of steel converter processes, the company soon evolved into other industries, and in 1920 the corporation name was re-chartered as Tropenas Company. By the 1950’s Tropenas engaged in various industries including mining, manufacturing of marine propulsion systems, and engineering consulting with offices in New York, Paris, Rio De Janeiro, and South Africa.

Tropenas Founders, Circa 1988
Tropenas Company Established 1920

From the 1980’s to the 1990’s, Tropenas’s leadership expanded in the process and energy industries providing engineering, consulting and advisory services.

Today, Tropenas divisions offer a range of cross-functional energy advisory and lean engineering services. Executives at Tropenas are time-tested with broad experience in energy operations, management, technology and financial services. Demonstrated by our century plus experience, our focus delivers implementation of cost effective solutions for the long-term.


Advisory offices operate out of Boston, Nashville, Nevada, Houston, and San Antonio.

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